Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Breakfast (Unspoken Word)

Over breakfast…
No sound was uttered
No word was said
Just an overwhelming feeling of

Pleasurable elation and
Sensual contentment
In the morning light,
Was beamin
Feelin like
You were feelin it too
Coffee brewin
And the fusion of
Breakfast tastes and lewd menus had
Somehow mimicked our bodies
Brown sugar and honey
Milk, cream and cinnamon
Were mixed in with the scents
From our skin
Senses honed in
Erogenous in nature
Erotic enough to awaken
The memories of what just took place...

Last night
Rounds one, two, three, four and five…
We broke the tension and the strife 

Hence the smile upon my face
And the rouge above my grin
Body drenched with sweat and anticipation
For rounds six, seven,

And ten to begin
Your taste was mine
And still lingers on my lips...
Over breakfast
We sit
I take a sip of my beverage
And allow my tongue to savor
In your aftertaste
Breathing in flavors ecstasy-laced;
Waiting for exhalation
Eyes making love
While still holding conversation
Withholding nothing but
Our appetites and desires to quench
Sexual dehydration
Our early morning fixation
An exchange of pure exhilaration
Resulting in the most
Delectable taste sensation
While breaking bread
Over breakfast