Friday, September 30, 2011


The allure of it all
Can render you
Suddenly defenseless
Knock you down swiftly
Before you even realize
You’re trying desperately
Grabbing anything to break your fall
‘Cause you’re left shocked and
Utterly senseless

When the allure wears off
You’re suddenly aware that
All this time
You thought you were flying so high
Seeing the world in all its’ hues and bright lights
That all the while
It’s always been black and white
And you were really only a hair length’s shy
Away from the concrete solid ground

When the allure dies down
You’re left with picking up the pieces
A thousand million fragments
Of yourself
Wondering if and hoping that he’s hurting
Equally and better yet at the same magnitude
As yourself

The allure of it all
Can make you feel like
You’d accept any and every reason
To try and keep your hopes alive
When all this time
He’s already balled up his fist
All set to end it
Ready to hit
And you’re bracing for the sting
‘Cause what ultimately strikes you blind
Is the very thing
That both of you were trying to escape
In the first place
Is the bittersweet reality without you called life


Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Am. I Have.

I am…

A woman to take heed
A voice to be heard
Like a writer’s creativity
Ever present, undeterred
…A presence to acknowledge
A glimpse to the eye
Steal it quick, bide your time
Before I pass you by

I am…
Lips to kiss
Skin to touch
Arms to hold
Someone to love
…A meeting to your mind
An idea to behold
The clarity to your vision
The quiet to your soul

I am…
A force to be felt
A softness to be caressed
A stronghold to your testament
An exhale to your breath
…A stimulant for your intellect
An exhibition for your thoughts
A curiosity to explore
An experience to be taught

I am…
Want for your desire
A quickness to be tamed
A fantasy to be realized
A reason to instigate
…Sweetness to your tongue
Succulence to your taste
The motion to your freak
An opening to penetrate

I am…
The answer to your call
The wealth in what you seek
The rhythm to your cadence
The companion you bespeak

I am…
Quite simply
A sundry of things
But I also uphold and maintain
The outcomes in which I create

I have…
Words to recite
Knowledge to share
Poems to write
And beliefs to declare
…Ideas to instill
Actions I still might dare
Fears to overcome
And dreams to ensnare

I have…
Hope to possess enough
Inspiration to pass on
To ignite individual creativity
To nurture, to call upon
I have…
Speech to convey
To articulate, to put across
Poetic justice for those
Who have chosen to do me wrong

I have…
Lessons to still learn
Bad habits to outgrow
Truth to constantly seek
And selfishness to forego
I have…
Fears that set me back
Apprehension I sometimes can’t shake
Too much to lose
And everything at stake

But I have…
Faith to keep me going
And love to keep me fixed
Support to keep me stable
And passion to want to exist
I have…
Love to give
Room to grow
Faith to action
And sins to atone

I have…
Sons to raise
Family to care for
Friends to hug
And strangers to pray for
I have…
Loved ones and lost ones
Ones I will constantly miss
Passed-on-at-peace ones
Whose presence I’ll never forget

I have…
Patience to keep me still
Silence to keep me sane
Humility to keep my peace
And dignity to maintain my grace
I have…
Past experiences to draw upon
Future times to look forward to
Constant struggle to rise above
And a wiser woman to grow into