Friday, December 30, 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

micropoetry - sixwords

I erased every trace of you...


 ...and still I let you linger.

micropoetry - sixwords

Love blindly speaks when you call.

micropoetry session

I heard once that
The right person
At the wrong time
Is still the wrong person.
Missing you worsens.
But missing you doesn't warrant
Deserving to be with you.
Neither does it mean
That you miss me too.

micropoetry session

Create in me
For me to be
By your need
To be

micropoetry - sixwords

Prove me wrong. Show me different.

micropoetry - sixwords

Morning light sweeps over your absence.

micropoetry session

This melancholy you supply
Does not subjugate me
It facilitates to
Emancipate me

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

micropoetry - sixwords

Wrap me with your word rapture.

micropoetry - sixwords

You'll forever stay on my mind.

micropoetry session

Stimulate a conversation
Your unadulterated schemes
And my need 

micropoetry session

Brave with faith
To revolutionalize minds with me.
Scribe the sublime with me.
Incite enticement with me.

micropoetry session

I traced lines with my fingertips
Ones that I've memorized
The shape of your body with.
Yearning and aching

Monday, December 19, 2011

micropoetry session

Question the intention
Of selfish love and evil aggression.
But nevertheless
Never lessen
To love those who
Love selfless
Who continue to 
Reside beside you
Through life's tests and
Limitless lessons.

micropoetry session

Invest in me
Whatever you see fit.
And I'll see to it
That you've spent your moments wisely
With all that is intuitively
Vested in me.

micorpoetry session - 2lines

Lessen your stresses.
Coalesce your presence with me.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Sometimes, once in a while in your life, you need to step back and appreciate things as they are. Good and bad. Choosing to let go or not. Choosing to remember or not. Just be thankful that whatever it is, that it happened.
Because being in the midst of beauty such as this, there is no need to dispute the whys. It just IS.
Blessings to you all.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Poet's Words

You can tie me up
Blindfold me
Have me bound or
Up against the wall
Strip me of all
My layers
Make me
And silence me
Do to me
What you will
Make me think
That I am worthless
A girl to be punished
You can restrain me
Hold me down
Inhibit or detain me
But spiritually
I will never stray
My words
Your shallow state
Of mentality
You can never take away
My vernacular virginity
What is embedded in me
You can never go as deep
As these words
Cumming out of me


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Give Me U

If I
Would you receive me?
Allow me
Give me permission to be in your midst
To enter into your compass 
Be within your reach
Come into your view
Cross the threshold of your consciousness
Assimilate into your presence
Become part of your vocabulary
Entertain your masculinity
Feel the sensitivity of your skin
The density of your being

If I
I could heighten your disposition
Revive your mind set
Take your burdens and stresses
All the tension I would lessen
I could set off a realization
An awareness within your essence
I am not here to take away what you already know
About yourself and change it
Turn you into somebody that you can hardly identify with
I am too complacent with your common sense
Your place, your spirit and yes, even your scent
Gain status in my heart and create strong sentiment to simple things
Yes, I replay it
Every conversation in my head
Every smile that comes to my face
Every beat pounding out of my chest
And every void that you seem to have filled in my space
You give me no other way to convey it
You present yourself so unadulterated
People like you are so rare to find and so underrated
Elevated is my mind every time we communicate
Elated by the mere presence of your station
And yes it’s true
You never instigate any cause for complications
We are 
Two personalities both one and the same
You authenticate all that is real and true for me
And I promise that
If I
That I swear I would do the same

And trust that it won’t all be in vain
Let me enter into your circle
Flow into your respected space
Create want for your desire
Hold you down when you need to maintain
Put aside
Our restlessness
Further engage
Our oneness

All you have to do is


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just Right

He is…
Just the right
Kind of man to
Pique my curiosity and
Make steady my interest
He exudes this quiet confidence
That lends itself perfectly to my
Laid back, breezy intelligence
Influences an abundance of instances
To showcase and present
Sexual indulgence
Over and over and over again…..
He possesses
Just the right blend
Of mentality
By trying to be
A better man
Manifesting and maintaining
A confident, rough yet
Mature swag
Simultaneously transcending
Over former
Failings and shortcomings
His man-ness and virility commands
Me to let go of all my insecurities
Because his sensibility allows me
To safely trust him entirely and completely
He takes me on a journey
Motivates my senses
Satiates my quench
And appetency
With great consideration
In the utmost unchaste nature and disposition
Instigating conversations in
Erotically infused obscenities
Translating me to involuntarily
Saturate my wet sweetly
Yet he intently
Studies my geography
Intimately grazes over
The rolling hills of my hips
The dip in my waist
The hollow in my spine
And the rigid rise of my mountain tips
Hands making his trip
Back to my steady thighs and moistened ripened lips
Vying to penetrate
Complying to take
Each thrust that is made
Savoring the extensiveness
That his thickness maintains
Engaging and repaying back
Each pleasurable twitch with rain
Over and over and over again…..
And once climax and orgasm
Are finally met
The rapture subsides
I center myself to catch a breath

I recognize
That he is…

Just the right
Kind of man
That I
Can visualize
To have in my life
He continuously
Challenges my mind
And therefore sheds light
For authenticity to be realized
He is…
So much more
Than what I thought I knew
In all honesty
He is truth
And with all that I know is in me
With all that God has given me and created me to be
It is more than enough proof
And certainty
To believe
That I have the capacity
To be his equal
It almost seems quite spiritual
To be in his space
His love is made king
With each kiss and every embrace
Anything and everything
Is made perfect in its place
He is…
Just the right
Kind of man

…That no other man
Could ever replace


-contribution for dVerse - poets pub Open Link Night

Saturday, October 15, 2011

micropoetry session

I am
One who will give you a chance
To provide a demonstration
And display one's true characterization
Because quite frankly
I am
Drawn to that kind of association


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be Around

We’ve reached a place where finally
It’s comforting to me – 
Our level of comfortability
We’ve reached a higher form of familiarity
And negativity has made its way out the door
(For the time being)
‘Cause I just want to be around you more
Sense and sensibility, in unison, form
Better times and places for our memories to record
My perception and ability to see the world
In all its beauty and clarity
Reveal how life is really supposed to be
And magnifies itself whenever you’re around me

‘Cause I just want to be around you more
To feel your warm, vibrant radiance more
The minutes and hours of distance
I’m no longer keeping score
Because we’re finally face to face in this instance
Your presence presents me with ways 
To try and get you to stay
To prolong our present situation more
An implication towards 
Communicating our emotions more
Translating our affection more
Re-enacting our fantasies more

Being around you 
Makes me feel whole
Even when I’ve already felt complete before
It’s impossible for me
To over analyze your motives 
'Cause my usual hesitation hasn’t yet materialized

We complement and harmonize
Articulate and verbalize
In ways that I never knew was possible
And I am grateful, for your whole being invites
A new and better part of me to be realized

So I invite you
To be around me more
Dig deeper and peel back my layers more
My vulnerability isn’t a factor anymore
Because I hope
I trust
I love
That you'll be around me more.

-DVerse Poetry submission. Submit, Link, Share!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Seeing that
We both made
Our choices
And there simply is
No turning back
The fact of the matter remains
I’m still pained
By your departure

And I can surely start
To slowly walk away
You saw me in ways
Others couldn’t possibly
Yet here I stand
Looking over our grave
Mourning over something
That we couldn’t possibly save

…Resting In Peace

And while I still feel
The emptiness and heartache
I will only take away with me
Moments where you unfailingly
Made me feel so elated and free
Appreciated for being me
And for that
I will always be
Eternally grateful

So in ending
I’m lending you my apologies
For leading us down this road
To inevitability
And the only way for me
To amend my iniquities
To redeem and do right by our memory
Is to never cease and keep

…Reminiscing In Poetry

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why Is It

Why is it
That when we are faced with
The sudden disconnection
Disruption and discontinuity
From someone regarded
With such loving esteem
Who is magnificent and significant
That penetrates to the very core of your being
That only then we belatedly see
The gravity of their personality
The uniqueness of their complexity
The rarity of their identity
The deepness of their company
But in hindsight
And cruel unforgiving honesty
I should have seen this coming
So I’ve tried to prepare my mind
Lessen my pride
And soothe my bruised identity
By recognizing the signs
To next time seize moments that
May have otherwise seemed fleeting
Because somehow
Our intentions were
Unintentionally miscommunicated
I should have patiently waited
Chilled out
Subsided and listened to your call
And cool calm cadence
I should have been respondent
To our realities
Instead of feeding into
Unrealistic fantasies
That somehow got to the best of our senses
I should not have questioned
What it meant to be in your presence
While you should not have tested
The worth within my essence
So fair enough, I can’t lie
We share a fair amount of grievance
I should not have
Wasted time
Analyzing and furiously desensitizing
An isolated incidence
Because in the absence of your presence
I’m now forced to ignore predominant traces
Of your prevalence
You ran so frequent though many an instance
And influenced deep sentiments
And longful pretenses
I’m now faced with relegating you as an acquaintance
And have struggled to find subsistence
To an otherwise inherent and intrinsic existence
I should have relished more
In our concrete experience
Because all I’m searching for
Is cognizance towards perseverance

I could have gone back to the very beginning
I could find reasons for our randomly pleasant
And one-off chance meeting
And dissect each and every word
Every sentence
Action and reaction
With a fine toothed comb
But I’m slowly learning to not enter into that mode
I should not query on what is already truly gold
But simultaneously
Concerning you
I should not speculate and claim to know
What I do not control
What I should continue to do
Is recognize and own
The part in which I had to play in this role
Wishfully thinking…
If ever we come across another moment
Between us both
Know that we should take it for what it truly is
And what it’s here for
We should not deny our need for companionship
And not let it take over
And impede our self-growth
We should take what we instinctually
And intimately know
About us and each other
And raise it
Appreciate it
Watch it
Sit upon that throne
So that we won’t ever forget
How dangerously close
We were to losing it
Because unfortunately
Not many people come across
Moments like those
The rare chance to grasp it
Atone for it and transpose
I yearn for it
I aspire to capture it
If ever that moment arose
But for the time being
I at least have the chance to express it
Through my therapeutic
And poetic prose
It’s my only answer and comfort
To the question originally posed
Why is it


Friday, September 30, 2011


The allure of it all
Can render you
Suddenly defenseless
Knock you down swiftly
Before you even realize
You’re trying desperately
Grabbing anything to break your fall
‘Cause you’re left shocked and
Utterly senseless

When the allure wears off
You’re suddenly aware that
All this time
You thought you were flying so high
Seeing the world in all its’ hues and bright lights
That all the while
It’s always been black and white
And you were really only a hair length’s shy
Away from the concrete solid ground

When the allure dies down
You’re left with picking up the pieces
A thousand million fragments
Of yourself
Wondering if and hoping that he’s hurting
Equally and better yet at the same magnitude
As yourself

The allure of it all
Can make you feel like
You’d accept any and every reason
To try and keep your hopes alive
When all this time
He’s already balled up his fist
All set to end it
Ready to hit
And you’re bracing for the sting
‘Cause what ultimately strikes you blind
Is the very thing
That both of you were trying to escape
In the first place
Is the bittersweet reality without you called life


Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Am. I Have.

I am…

A woman to take heed
A voice to be heard
Like a writer’s creativity
Ever present, undeterred
…A presence to acknowledge
A glimpse to the eye
Steal it quick, bide your time
Before I pass you by

I am…
Lips to kiss
Skin to touch
Arms to hold
Someone to love
…A meeting to your mind
An idea to behold
The clarity to your vision
The quiet to your soul

I am…
A force to be felt
A softness to be caressed
A stronghold to your testament
An exhale to your breath
…A stimulant for your intellect
An exhibition for your thoughts
A curiosity to explore
An experience to be taught

I am…
Want for your desire
A quickness to be tamed
A fantasy to be realized
A reason to instigate
…Sweetness to your tongue
Succulence to your taste
The motion to your freak
An opening to penetrate

I am…
The answer to your call
The wealth in what you seek
The rhythm to your cadence
The companion you bespeak

I am…
Quite simply
A sundry of things
But I also uphold and maintain
The outcomes in which I create

I have…
Words to recite
Knowledge to share
Poems to write
And beliefs to declare
…Ideas to instill
Actions I still might dare
Fears to overcome
And dreams to ensnare

I have…
Hope to possess enough
Inspiration to pass on
To ignite individual creativity
To nurture, to call upon
I have…
Speech to convey
To articulate, to put across
Poetic justice for those
Who have chosen to do me wrong

I have…
Lessons to still learn
Bad habits to outgrow
Truth to constantly seek
And selfishness to forego
I have…
Fears that set me back
Apprehension I sometimes can’t shake
Too much to lose
And everything at stake

But I have…
Faith to keep me going
And love to keep me fixed
Support to keep me stable
And passion to want to exist
I have…
Love to give
Room to grow
Faith to action
And sins to atone

I have…
Sons to raise
Family to care for
Friends to hug
And strangers to pray for
I have…
Loved ones and lost ones
Ones I will constantly miss
Passed-on-at-peace ones
Whose presence I’ll never forget

I have…
Patience to keep me still
Silence to keep me sane
Humility to keep my peace
And dignity to maintain my grace
I have…
Past experiences to draw upon
Future times to look forward to
Constant struggle to rise above
And a wiser woman to grow into